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The ELEVENPARIS story is a captivating journey through the world of contemporary fashion. Founded in 2003, this iconic brand has imposed its unique, bold style on the global fashion landscape.

In its early days, ELEVENPARIS stood out for its innovative approach, skilfully blending rebellious spirit with the effervescence of urban culture. Its creations stand out for their modern cuts, original prints and resolutely avant-garde aesthetic, captivating the attention of fashionistas the world over.

Over the years, the brand has consolidated its position by collaborating with renowned artists and drawing inspiration from the most cutting-edge trends on the streetwear scene. From graphic t-shirts to hoodies and trendy accessories, every ELEVENPARIS piece embodies the rebellious, offbeat spirit for which it is renowned.

Today, ELEVENPARIS continues to push the boundaries of fashion with ever more innovative and inspiring collections. Its heritage of excellence and commitment to originality make it an essential reference for those seeking to express their individuality through their clothing style.

The ELEVENPARIS story is that of a bold, visionary brand that defies convention and celebrates authenticity in all its forms. It embodies the spirit of a generation that refuses to conform and prefers to assert its singularity loud and clear.

The ELEVENPARIS brand now boasts a network of 13 boutiques in France, and has no intention of stopping there.

ELEVENPARIS is a family business on a human scale. This family spirit continues right through to our boutiques. The warmth and closeness that make ELEVENPARIS boutiques a friendly place to shop, passing on the brand's "Life Is A Joke" spirit, year after year, from generation to generation.

Today and in the future, our family spirit and our motivation to make urban fashion accessible drive us! If you share our values and already have experience of textile distribution, join us and contribute to the dynamics of our network.

To contact the ELEVENPARIS team, please send an email to with "Become an affiliate" in the subject line. Thank you :)


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