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WhitePaper - Into Web3.0


ELEVENPARIS wants to create & share a new economical value with its brand lovers, generating more engagement, growth, and rewards for everyone. For this purpose, a web2 to web3 development strategy has been structured to create value-generating synergies.

💡 One mission : “ Restore power to their brand lovers “



ELEVENPARIS is a Parisian ready-to-wear brand, which has become a benchmark for its urban, subversive and spontaneous style. Present on the international scene of fashion since 2003, it is known for its prestigious muses for which it knew how to surround itself. The women’s, men’s and children’s collections are based on well-thought contrasts: urban spirit, pop references, sporty look and season’s inspiration come together in a cloakroom mixing strong pieces and screen-printed t-shirts. After almost 20 years of history, the brand is strengthened in its identity, with Dan Cohen founder and creative director being joined by Ilan Amar in 2017 to bring his strategic vision and technologic background to make ELEVENPARIS great again. The duo surrounds themselves with a team whose philosophy & mission “ Life is a Joke ” runs through their veins.

Iconic product

In 2009, they came across a blog of Fingerstache photos very common in US hipster venues, representing moustache tattoos featured inside the people’s index finger, simulating a moustache. The idea of using this motif on clothing was yet to be born but, in the studio, everybody started drawing on their fingers and curving their index fingers to reveal a moustache. The playground joke and much laughter continued for several days.

Since 2010, Kate Moss, Sponge Bob, Wiz Khalifa or Iggy Pop and Lenny Kravitz have been featured with a moustache in the brand’s products. ELEVENPARIS customers were immediately won over by these moustache effigies, demanding new models every season. Celebrities have been well supporting the trends, showing off the ELEVENPARIS moustache. Thanks to a licence arrangement with the artists, record companies and managers, they came back in increasing numbers every year.

This is the story of how, through a surprising butterfly effect, a Midwest fashion became a Parisian office joke before finally becoming a major trend worn by young people around the world!

In the last few years, the brand undertook the challenge to reinvent itself and rebrand ELEVENPARIS to target its new audience : the Z generation.

💡 This new strategic orientation brought the company on the digitization path, which enabled it to outperform its growth expectations!

Key figures

ELEVENPARIS is currently a well-recognized brand internationally with a widespread visibility on the major digital platforms. It has notably:

  • 111,000 followers on Tiktok, acquired in only 5 months with the use of native communication and Tiktok house for influencers
  • 124,000 followers on Instagram, where the brand is deploying an immersive strategy
  • +80,000 customers over digital & retail shops

In France, 5 retail shops are in activity with 1 additional in opening.

💡 With its licensing & digital acquisition strategy, ELEVENPARIS volume of sales’ perspectives are around 14M€ for 2022!

It represents a +38% growth year-to-date, including 28% of repeat business! For the fashion industry in the current economic environment, these figures are truly amazing.

These outstanding achievements are supporting the evolving digital strategy of ELEVENPARIS, including a Direct-to-Customer (DTC) dimension coupled with an immersive and subversive communication approach, which made the brand realized 55% of its DTC business on its e-commerce platform!

Even their retail shops are at the forefront of digital trends, with the integration of Tiktok cabin and ElevenBooth.

But ELEVENPARIS doesn’t want to stop here, and is willing to embrace the emerging web3 tools to reward its community and open the gate for new promising acquisition channels!

An innovative Web2 to Web3 strategy

Strategic orientation

The merge of web2 businesses with web3 tooling create interesting opportunities to bring an innovative added-value to brand communities. ELEVENPARIS is at the cutting edge of this emerging trend, delivering an hybrid model merging its traditional business activity, a dedicated NFT collection and an underlying loyalty token to support brand engagement.

To overcome the challenges associated with these web3 dimensions, ELEVENPARIS has established a close partnership with Klub, a native web3 platform supporting web2 actors in their web3 strategy through its investment activity.

💡 By integrating a web3 approach, ELEVENPARIS aims at creating & sharing a new economical value with its customers, generating more brand engagement, growth, and rewards for everyone.

To deploy it, ELEVENPARIS has designed an innovative framework, structured with the following steps:

      1. Creating its own NFT collection → The Jokies:
        • The Jokies are digital art characters, conceived as a limited ELEVENPARIS edition.
        • Owning Jokies will provide unique advantages, including:
          • Discount and exclusive access to ELEVENPARIS’ products and new collections,
          • Ticketing privileges for private events of the brand,
          • Recurring rewards distributed through an additional loyalty token,
          • Physical piece of art delivery for the rarest pieces.
        • They are like a loyalty badge for ELEVENPARIS brand lovers, for them to be recognized and have privileged access to some of the company’s products and services.
      2. Distributing $LVN, ELEVENPARIS’ loyalty token to capture the value of its business growth:
        1. The $LVN token is to become the centerpiece of ELEVENPARIS activity:
        2. To generate a sustainable growth on it, ELEVENPARIS is committed to inject a growing share of its business activity - starting at 1% of its turnover, within LVN network through buy-back mechanisms distributed to the brand’s community.
        3. To create synergies with Jokies NFT, their holders will enjoy:
        4. $LVN cash-back advantages on ELEVENPARIS’ products only available in France at launch.
        5. Additional $LVN rewards, with an upfront cash-back at the NFT purchase time plus recurring weekly returns obtained through an underlying DeFi strategy and distributed in $LVN.

The creation of the $LVN token is following some strict and fair rules, to provide a fair value at launch and distribute most of the supply to ELEVENPARIS’ community and customers. Its well-designed tokenomics will ensure a sustainable growth on it over time.

Jokies NFT collections and the $LVN loyalty token will both be backing a DeFi strategy, fueled by 30% of their respective sale proceeds. It will generate a substantive yield to support $LVN buy-backs, redistributed to the brand community and creating recurring rewards for the VIP customers.

💡 ELEVENPARIS’ web2 to web3 strategy is leveraging the best of these two worlds to support its business growth in rewarding its loyal customers and community members & restore power to its brand lovers. Web3 tools allow for a better distribution of the added-value, and ELEVENPARIS is embracing it!


Jokies are digital art characters, conceived as a limited ELEVENPARIS edition. They will be publicly sold on ELEVENPARIS commercial site and distributed in several rarity levels associated with different purchase prices, advantages, and reward levels.

The sale proceeds of this NFT serie will be fueling different dimension of ELEVENPARIS web3 strategy:

  • A main share will be used to build and maintain dedicated web3 team within ELEVENPARIS staff, in charge of developing and maintaining all the needed tools to provide a seamless user experience between ELEVENPARIS products, NFTs and loyalty tokens. The final aim is to have a complete integration of web3 tools within ELEVENPARIS online store, hidding all the underlying complexity and truely delivering the value created to the brand lovers and customers.
  • A secondary share of the NFT sale proceeds will keep fueling the DeFi treasury to generate a substive yield used to create an organic growth on LVN network through buy-back mechanisms.

💡 The value created around ELEVENPARIS’ brand and business activity will then be fully shared within the Jokies and $LVN holder community.

Jokies sale details and characters utility

The Jokies will be distributed in 5 different rarity levels, including different purchase price, unity numbers, and associated advantages. NFT collections will be created for each seasonal collection. First one, will start with Spring Summer 2022 with a supply of 1111 NFTs and will be minted to public on June 28th 2022.

** Part of the DeFi treasury yield will be used to perform weekly $LVN buy-back directly distributed to Joky’s holders. The rarer your Joky is, the greater your rewards are! The reference reward APY (Annual Percentage Yield) will depend on market conditions.*

$LVN loyalty token

The ELEVENPARIS’ loyalty token, named $LVN, will be minted within the Cosmos Ecosystem, more specifically on the Ki Chain.

75% of the supply will be distributed to ELEVENPARIS community, through a community pool (40%), a cash-back reserve (30%), and a private sale event (5%). The remaining 25% will be hold by ELEVENPARIS to incentive its team and fund the future web3 development, providing additional resources for the brand to support its business growth, generating more value within the LVN network.

đź’ˇ The $LVN economical characteristics (called tokenomics) are designed to provide most of the value to ELEVENPARIS brand lovers and customers, including Jokies holders!

$LVN tokenomics

  • Number of token minted at launch: 1,000M
  • Public listing initial value (on decentralized exchanges): €0.008
  • Fully diluted marketcap at public launch: €8M
  • Initial token distribution:
    • ELEVENPARIS community → 75%
      • Community pool: 40% (to list the main $LVN pairs on decentralized exchanges)
      • Cash-back reserve: 30% (to be distributed to ELEVENPARIS brand lovers and customers)
      • Private sale: 15% (sold within Klub platform before launch to generate the initial web3 treasury)
    • ELEVENPARIS reserve → 25%
      • Treasury reserve: 15% (to be invested in ELEVENPARIS growth)
      • Team reserve: 10% (to incentive ELEVENPARIS team)
  • Inflation model:
    • To keep fueling the $LVN community pool and provide staking incentive to ELEVENPARIS customer and $LVN holders, a decreasing inflation will be set up, starting at a 50M tokens rate for the first year.
      • It represents a 5% inflation rate for Y1, which will be decreasing by 10% (in term of number of tokens minted) every year.
      • With time, the inflation will become residual and will be substituted by the ELEVENPARIS buy-back mechanisms.

  • The $LVN inflation will be used to:
    • Reward $LVN stakers within ELEVENPARIS commercial platform, incentivizing the brand lovers and customers to hold their $LVN cash-back and rewards,
    • Fuel the community pool dedicated to $LVN liquidity management (increasing the depth of the $LVN pairs in decentralized exchanges),
    • Incentive LVN network security providers within the Ki Chain ecosystem ($XKI stakers).

Team & Partners

ELEVENPARIS’ web2 to web3 development strategy has been structured in partnership with Rewards, Klub, the Ki Foundation and its ecosystem of partners. Klub and the Ki Foundation aim at supporting the adoption of web3 models by building a suite of DeFi tools, enabling traditional businesses to deploy web3 strategies in a SaaS-like approach:

  • The web3 tools deployed by ELEVENPARIS have been developed and are maintained on the Ki Chain in collaboration with the Ki Foundation.
  • The web3 strategy, $LVN tokenomics and DeFi strategy have been conceived and are managed in collaboration with Klub.

Partners presentation

Klub is a private investment community delivering TradFi and DeFi investment opportunities to its members, made of successful entrepreneurs and investors from these two worlds. It’s a community of +500 investors representing a +$5b net worth, and more than $40m of AUM.

Klub is a digital asset services provider licensed by the french Financial Markets Authority (AMF, PSAN registry).

The Ki Chain is a layer 1 network within the Cosmos Ecosystem, hosting all the DeFi investment products and services distributed by Klub. It’s a DeFi toolbox which aims at empowering web2 players with DeFi capabilities.



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