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More than a Streetwear Brand

is a French ready-to-wear brand,
recognized for its street,
couture and subversive style.

On the fashion international scene since 2003, the brand is known for its fun t-shirts, its creative and contemporary collections and its street wear style, as well as for its famous ambassadors.

The story of Elevenparis started in 2003 in a tiny office located at number 11 (eleven) of a street in Paris. It’s from there, between boxes and pieces of fabric, that two friends committed to launch their brand. Dan Cohen, owner of the brand, was spending all of his time in the eleven of the street.


The brand ELEVEN is created by Dan Cohen.

“By naming the brand this way, we thought that in the future, when the company would grown, it would be a great tribute to the origins of the project...”

The first man collection is launched. The first store opened in Paris, 32 rue Etienne Marcel, it is still the flagship of the brand today.

In 2008, ELEVEN became Elevenparis.

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Launch of the first woman collection.
The Elevenparis' women is an urban woman who sees fashion as a means of expression. She has an insolent style with the garments she wears and does not hesitate to mix boyish hoodies with skirts with floral prints. She is always looking for new colors and ways to wear a comfortable and innovative fashion.

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The “Life is a Joke” t-shirts line emerged.
A single watchword: never take life too se- riously and especially never be taken seriously.


The children collection Elevenparis Boys & Girls comes to match adult collections.

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The logo has been reviewed and is now written with a final dot, to mark the end of a cycle and the beginning of a new era more street, couture and subversive than ever.


Launch of the new collection EUPHORIA
This season, Elevenparis offers a line of clothing with bright and tart colors, with a cool and uninhibited attitude. The name of the collection EUPHORIA refers to the sweet madness that takes over everyone in the summer heat. The patterns and colors of the collection evoke more precisely the Miami of the 80s and 90s. You can chill in the beach in total flowery look, attend pool parties in the mythical Playboy Mansion, or dance at an outdoor music in neon uniform.

Collection streetwear

The new collection is an ode for urban, active and modern men and women, whom are searching clothes filled by aesthetic and strength through what they want to say. The goal of Elevenparis is to offer each season daily clothes which combine simplicity, creativity and insolence.

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